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IP Subnetting Part 1 - IPv4

Despite the large number of jokes in high school about never needing to use mathematics after graduation, the art form known as IP Subnetting requires a solid grasp of math based on binary numbers (0, 1).  In this first part of my devoted attention on IP Subnetting, we'll focus on Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) addressing, some history, and the methods available to make IPv4 addressing go farther.

Understanding the "network" command

Many network engineers seem to misunderstand the use of the network command in routing protocols on Cisco IOS, especially once they see the usage in BGP.  This occurrence happens more frequently with those studying to become a CCNA, but may not be obvious to experienced engineers either.  Based on my own experience, I have very distinct memories of confusion when the concept I understood was first corrected by a more experienced engineer.  So let's breakdown the confusion.

Troubleshooting with OSI Model

At Layers 1-4, there are several tools or tricks available to quickly verify normal operations.  I have routinely used each of these tools for many years and expect many of them to be familiar.  Many of these tools are technology-specific, meaning that one tool has an application with one technology but not another.  I should also caution that the list below is not intended to be exhaustive or complete.  It's just a collection of my thoughts on what I find really useful.


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Building Bridges from Today to Tomorrow™

Primacore® offers consulting services tailored to your business needs, whether that requires process automation and strict, environmental standardization or if you keep an open mind to new technologies and how they can support your business functions.  Invite us into your world and, together, we can start "Building Bridges from Today to Tomorrow™"

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Hello, World (Take #42)

It finally re-happened.  The original intent to setup and maintain gave way to my desire to start my own business.  I've had a desire since 2005 to create a place to share ideas about technology, networking, and various related topics.  In replacing, this site will still let me share what I know already, what I'm learning, and things coming along the horizon that may become technically significant in the IT world.  But everything posted is in proper context of what I do (running Primacore®), what Primacore® stands for, and what I've can offer the world to help solve IT problems.

At a minimum, this site will continue present topics of interest to me (and anyone else who wants to chime in) related specifically to preparing for certifications from Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, HP, Alcatel, and any nearly other manufacturer that produces Ethernet switches, IP routers, WAN switches (think MPLS, ATM, and Frame), Firewalls, WAN optimization, load balancing, and every other device type that shapes the services IT organizations offer today.  If you have a topic you'd like to see explained or need more information about, send an email and I'll add it to the list.  You can see the "list" as it exists now on the Upcoming Articles page.  More than before, this site will also have deeper information about real-world examples of the design and implementation of the core technologies that power networks and IT organizations the world over.